7 November, 2018


Message from the President

It gives me great honour and privilege to serve as the President for the Hong Kong Society of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons (HKSUGIS) from September 2018. First of all, I would like to thank Dr Wing-Tai Siu, the Immediate Past President, all the Past Presidents, and the current and past Council Members of the Society for their great contribution to the Society. It was unfortunate and sad to see the passing of Dr Siu in September 2019, a tremendous loss to our Society as well as to the surgical field.

Photo taken at AGM of HKSUGIS on 15 September 2018 (Front row, from left to right – Dr Siu-Yin CHAN, Dr Wing-Tai SIU, Prof Kent-Man CHU, Prof Philip CHIU, Prof Simon LAW; Back row, from left to right – Dr Siu-Kee LEUNG, Dr Marcus YING, Dr Tsun-Miu TSUI, Dr Wing-Hang KWONG, Dr Frances CHEUNG)

I joined the HKSUGIS Council since its establishment in 2006. It is now more than 10 years since our establishment. We have a total of 198 registered HKSUGIS members, with 86 of them being Life Member. One of the main objectives of our Society is to promote the advancement of upper gastrointestinal surgery, endoscopy, and allied subjects for public benefit. Since its inception, our Society has been committed to present and share the latest innovations in field. Our Council is having representation from both the public and private sectors in Hong Kong. With such a representation, the Society has been able to hold regular quarterly clinical meetings with contribution from different centres of the public and private sectors. With an aim to further advance the knowledge and skill of our members in the field, our Society also regularly helps solicit sponsorships for members to attend overseas and regional courses and scientific conferences.

Apart from the regular clinical meetings, the Society has also organized various conferences and workshops like the 2nd Asia-Pacific Gastroesophageal Cancer Congress in 2008, the Foregut Disorder Workshop in 2014, Joint Annual Scientific Meeting with the Hong Kong Society of Minimal Access Surgery, Hong Kong Hernia Society, and Macau Surgical Association in 2017, and Dinner Symposium on Recent Advances in Management of GERD in 2018.

Our Society was also actively involved in various local scientific meetings hosted by other societies and organizations. An example is our regular contribution to the scientific programme of Multi-specialty Mega Conference since 2011.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, our regular clinical meeting has been disrupted. Nevertheless, with the efforts of our Council and Society members, we have been able to convert our meetings to an online or hybrid mode during the pandemic.

Online meeting in September 2020

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Council and Society members for their generous support and contribution to the Society. With the dedication of the Council and the support of our members, our Society will continue to flourish and play a key role in promoting the advancement in the field of upper gastrointestinal surgery in Hong Kong.

President, HKSUGIS
Prof Kent-Man CHU