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GERD information video 胃酸倒流資訊短片 2020

> GERD information video 胃酸倒流資訊短片 2020


HKSUGIS Foregut Disorders Workshop 2012

>Welcome (Speaker : Simon Law)
Motility disorders
>Esophageal motility disorders – diagnostics (Speaker : John Pandolfino)
>Surgical treatments: Heller’s myotomy, robotics (Speaker : Simon Law)
>Endoscopic treatments: Myotomy (POEM) for achalasia, Botox, dilation (Speaker : Philip Chiu)
>Management of non-achalasic esophageal motility disorders (Speaker : John Pandolfino)
>Gastroparesis (Speaker : Siu-Tong Law)
>GERD in Asia (Speaker : Justin Wu)
>Diagnostic work up for GERD – imaging, endoscopy, HRM, pH, impedance, on or off PPI or both (Speaker : John Pandolfino)
>Novel medical treatment for GERD (Speaker : Wai-Keung Leung)
>Medical treatment vs. surgical treatment: evidence-based practice (Speaker : Jeff Peters)
>Extra-esophageal manifestations – challenges in diagnosis and treatment (Speaker : David Watson)
GERD and Hernia
>Endoluminal therapy: Does it work? (Speaker : David Watson)
>Surgery for GERD: indications and techniques (Speaker : Philip Chiu)
>The failed fundoplication : assessment and redo (Speaker : Jeff Peters)
>Large hiatal / paraesophageal hernia (Speaker : David Watson)
>Epiphrenic esophageal diverticulum (Speaker : Daniel Tong)
Barrett’s esophagus and cancer
>Pathology of Barrett’s esophagus (Speaker : Ka-Fai To)
>AGA / UK guidelines explained (Speaker : John Pandolfino)
>Endoscopic evaluation, surveillance and ablation (Speaker : Jeff Peters)
>Role of surgery in HGD and intramucosal cancer (Speaker : David Watson)
>Management of advanced Barrett’s cancer (Speaker : Jeff Peters)
Video Masterclass
>Diverticulectomy + myotomy (Speaker : Daniel Tong)
>RFA - Radiofrequency Ablation of Barrett’s esophagus (Speaker : WK Leung)
>Lap mesh repair of Bocdalach Diaphragmatic Hernia (Speaker : Simon Wong)
>POEM case for a patient who had previous Heller's myotomy performed (Speaker : Philip Chiu)